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Hello BfT fans! As promised, I am blogging the contents of Episode 10 and some links that might interest you. For this episode, I have interviewed Dr. Dave Boucher a lecturer at the University of York within the Biology Department. He is also one of the 80 researchers at the York Biomedical Research Institute (YBRI). His current work at YBRI focuses on cellular immunology.


As a special treat, Dave has sent us a link to the Bugs, Brains, and Beasts online course. You can take the self-guided version, for free! You can also explore Dave’s website, Boucher Lab. Here you’ll learn about the cool stuff he’s doing connected to Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Immunology. He has also pointed us in the direction of a great blog for those who are curious about many scientific disciplines and their impact/ applications. It’s called IFLScience. Do make sure to check it out!




Extra link: Dave was so enthusiastic about the city of York, I couldn’t help but look for a video that can give you a visual aid to help you understand, and maybe share, Dave’s opinion.

Extra link: Dave told us some great things about the University of York’s Biology Department. Have a look at what it has to offer with regard to UG and PG courses.

Book One: Non-Fiction

This month: Sapiens

Written by:  Yuval Noah Harari

Published by: Harper Collins


Extra link: Did you know that there is a graphic novel version of Sapiens? It’s been split into two volumes: Volume one is ready and waiting for you! Volume Two has yet to come.

Extra link: Author Yuval Noah Harari gets interviewed by comedian Russel Brand at a conference for secondary and college students in South London. They discuss the future of education and work.

Book Two: Fiction

This month: The Road

Written by: Cormac McCarthy

Published by: Knoph Doubleday Publishing Group


Extra link: As is often the case, Cormac McCarthy himself has had a rather international and interesting life. Read all about it in his biography on the Cormac McCarthy Society website. You can also find summaries of his books, such as The Road.

Extra link: Here’s a link to the one and only interview that Cormac McCarthy conceded to the press. Of course, he spoke with the New York Times.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I really hope that you take the time to explore the links! Until next time, take care!