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Hello BfT fans! As promised, I am posting links that will feed your curiosity after watching Episode 9. I had the honour of speaking with Dr. Marcelo Staricoff, professor at the University of Sussex and the lead on a very special and innovative project within Education, JONK. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Simon Thompson, Education Department Head at the University of Sussex.



Extra link: Multilingual Thinking in Multicultural Classrooms: as Marcelo himself indicates, this article “illustrates how teachers can embrace the linguistic and cultural richness that every child brings with them every day as they enter the classroom.”

Extra link: A Thinking Skills Approach (scroll down the webpage to download the article): in Marcelo’s own words this was his “first article about the potential and impact of a teacher, having a go at experimenting in the classroom with ways that encourage children to enjoy the daily routine and the teaching and learning process.”

Extra link: Here comes the Philosophy Man (scroll down the webpage to download the article) : Marcelo explains that this article describes how teachers can introduce and use a values-led Philosophical Approach that enables the teaching to be driven by dialogue and discussion, and makes the curriculum relevant to children's lives.



Book One: Non-Fiction

This month: The Joy of Not Knowing (JONK

Written by Dr. Marcelo Staricoff

Published by Routledge


Extra link: Interested in obtaining a signed and dedicated copy of The Joy of Not Knowing? Follow this link and get not only the book but a discount.

Extra link: Here’s a video from the International Festival of Learning! Get a “guided tour” of the JONK approach from Marcelo himself.

Book Two: Fiction

This month: Black Swan Green

Written by David Mitchell

Published by Sceptre

Black Swan Green

Extra link: After hearing Simon sing David Mitchell’s praises, I am sure you are as eager as I am to get your hands on his novels! So, once you’ve finished Black Swan Green, you can check David’s official website for more options. Simon is particularly fond of The Bone Clocks.

Extra link: As Simon mentioned, the University of Sussex is known for its high quality and ground-breaking work within Education. Have a look at the department page in order to browse what is on offer for UG (you can directly access the Childhood and Youth: Theory and Practicehere), Masters, PhDs.

Within the Masters link you can click on any of the courses marked Secondary PGCE + Subject to get an idea of how a student of the listed degrees could make the transition into education. Since Simon is a History buff, I am giving this specific link as an example.

To learn about the variety of courses, programs, and activities happening at the Centre for Innovation and Research in Childhood and Youth, click here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I really hope that you take the time to explore the links! Until next time, take care!